Verizon fattens its execs, won't bargain in good faith

45,000 Verizon workers are now on strike to stop the attack on the middle class.

The reason? Despite record profits, Verizon is refusing to bargain and is demanding that its workers add to those profits from their own pockets.

In the last four years alone, Verizon made more than $19 billion in profits and compensated their top five executives more than a quarter of a billion dollars. But apparently that's not enough.

Now they're refusing to bargain. Starting on June 22 Verizon pushed proposals that would let them outsource more jobs, including sending jobs overseas, slash sick days, terminate pensions, eliminate benefits for workers who get hurt on the job and cut the health-care benefits they promised retirees. And they haven't budged.

That's why 45,000 Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers members walked out on Sunday, Aug. 7 to force Verizon to abandon its Wisconsin-style tactics and come to the bargaining table and negotiate.

America has had enough of corporate greed. Now is the time for Verizon to do the right thing and come to the bargaining table in good faith instead of trying to kill the American dream for 45,000 middle-class workers.

Scott Brannan

North Laurel

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