100 years ago: Airplanes, animal show was the big news in Ellicott City

100 Years Ago


Advertised in the Times was a show coming to the streets of Ellicott City that included exotic animals and one of those new fangled airplanes. The "Metor" Aereoplane demonstration was advertised along with a picture of the plane.

"The Greatest Spectacle of the Age: Hagg's Shows, August 24, 1911: Don't Miss the Parade: Don't fail to witness the massive, magnificent free street parade at 10 o'clock on exhibition day.

Lions, tigers, leopards, and all animals of the jungles in pens for your inspection, FREE. Every cage and den of animals with the Haag Shows are trained, taught and educated to perform at each exhibition in place of the old time way of just looking at the beasts."

Compared to making the animals perform, the "old time way" actually sounds the lesser of two evils for the poor beasts.

75 Years Ago

The jumping set

"Howard Hunt to State Annual Show for County Farmers

Fourth Annual Horse Show For Landowners and Farmers Planned for Sept. 5.

The Howard County Hunt Club Farmer's and Landowners' Day Horse Show will be held as usual this year on the first Saturday of September (Sept. 5th) on the Club grounds at Glenelg, Howard County.

Heretofore the breeding, draft horse and mule classes have been restricted to entries owned by residents of Howard County, but due to the interest shown by and the numerous requests received from residents of neighboring counties, this year the Committee voted all breeding, draft horse and male classes open to all. ...

The last event in the show ring will be the "Gay Nineties" Class wherein the contestants get out their rigs and costumes of the 1890s. This class was innovated two years ago and proved to be an outstanding success in both that year and in 1935.

At the close of the show there will be a flat race for non-thoroughbred farm horses and the annual steeplechase for thoroughbreds over a timber course of about three miles for the Read Beard Memorial Cub.

The joint masters of the Hunt, Messrs. Augustus Riggs, III, and Philip Bowen have been appointed Chairman of the Committee. ... ."

Whew, I'm sure the farm horses were relieved to be assigned a flat race. Can you picture an owner entreating his plow horse to participate in a steeplechase, and the responding dubious look from the horse:

"You want me to, like, jump over stuff?"

50 Years Ago

Hot, hot, sizzle

In the Savage social column:

"Mrs. Alice Blankenship has returned from the hospital and is convalescing at home; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Young and relatives from Sykesville were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Katie Duvall and family.

The Savage Volunteer Fire Department Kaydettes and Junior Majorettes under the leadership of Miss Kay Harris won first place at Herald Harbor Volunteer Firemen's Parade on August 11 competing against 26 other groups. Last Thursday they placed third at Lisbon Volunteer Fireman's Parade.

Forty-five members and families of the Annapolis Junction Homemakers attended a Corn Roast at the home of Mrs. Nettie Owens. Mrs. Beard and Mrs. Rorabaugh cooked the burgers and Mrs. and Mrs. Keegin were the corn roasters. ... ."

There were a couple other corn roasts taking place that week as reported in the Times. They must have been hot social events. I guess if you're going to have to sizzle through August (not everyone yet had air conditioning) you might as well do it with panache and serve up butter-soaked roasted ears of corn fresh from the coals.

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