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Ulman has had many chances to show his immaturity in serving as county executive

I agree with an earlier letter's characterization of Howard County Executive Ken Ulman as "immature." I would like to add several other examples. One of his first actions in office was to make sure every citizen had a pretty blue wheeled recycling can so we (he) could seen at the front of the "green" movement in Maryland. However, by cancelling the too expensive business recycling program shortly after, he inadvertently admits to the folly of doing these things, especially for superficial purposes. I wonder at what cost taxpayers continue to subsidize his green bona-fides?

Then, in what can only be a one-upmanship over Montgomery County, he bans smoking in wide-open public places. He'lll show them who the real liberal is in this state, by golly.

Finally, without the maturity that enables one to rise above political correctness, he now seeks to divide us along racial lines with a plan for enforced diversity on the school board — no doubt a sop to Baltimore and Prince George's County as he charts his power-crazed path to become the next super-lib governor of Maryland. Unfortunately his tenure here will leave Howard County with a lot to pick up after he's gone.

Joe Loiacono,

Ellicott City

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