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Test your wine knowledge with this quiz

It's quiz time!

Time to gauge your wine savvy. Below you will find a host of questions on topics covered these past seven months. See how much you've absorbed... information-wise!

1. "Pride of the Wineries: A California Living Book" stated that this wine is "for people who like to sleep on the ground, play rugby, climb mountains, eat brussel sprouts and do other things in which some punishment is part of the pleasure." They were referencing…

a. Cabernet Sauvignon

b. Syrah

c. Merlot

d. Zinfandel

2. What grape has the following flavor profile: peach, quince, apricot, apple and pear with intriguing hints of clotted cream, crème fraiche and buttermilk followed by aromas of ripe grain, strawflower, marzipan and toasted nuts?

a. Riesling

b. Chenin Blanc

c. Pinot Grigio

d. Sauvignon Blanc

3. The Italian wine region of Frascati is located near which major Italian city?

a. Venice

b. Florence

c. Rome

d. Naples

4. A new study has linked the headaches, rash and stuffy nose most often associated with wine sulfites to glycoproteins.

a. True

b. False

5. According to the research group Wine Intelligence, the first thing that came to most Americans' minds when they heard the word "chianti" was "spaghetti western."

a. True

b. False

6. It has been discovered that the majority of Australia's albarino vines are actually…

a. Sauvignon Blanc

b. Pinot Blanc

c. Savagnin

d. Riesling

7. The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. Interestingly, grapes are still grown on its slopes and continue to produce a wine that is equally explosive. What is its name?

a. Lacryma Christi

b. Primitivo

c. Coda di Volpe

g. Aglianico

8. Why is a white wine glass smaller than a red wine glass?

a. To cue a waiter as to which glass is which during table service

b. White wine has less aromatics than red wine and therefore does not need as much surface area to release its aromas. For this reason, its bowl is smaller.

c. Temperature control

d. Women drink more white wine than red and have historically been given smaller pours.

9. Where in the world will you still find huge acreage of ungrafted grapevines?

a. Chile and Australia

b. Chile and Argentina

c. California and South Africa

d. California and Oregon

10. What component of red wine is responsible for its tactile mouth-drying astringency?

a. Tannin

b. Alcohol

c. Sugar

d. Acid

11. What is New Zealand's claim to fame?

a. Chenin Blanc

b. Chardonnay

c. Riesling

d. Sauvignon Blanc

12. Buy screw-cap, save a tree!

a. True

b. False

(Answers to this week's quiz will appear in the next issue's column.)

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