CMDL divers finish season with individual championships

The Central Maryland Dive League finished up the 2011 summer diving season with the CMDL Individual Championships July 31. West Howard Swim Club played host to the 10-hour sun-drenched meet.

With temperatures climbing into the low 90's, 120 divers from Aberdeen to Annapolis to Frederick and points between showed their best form in an effort to stand on the top of the podium.

Howard County was well represented by 39 meet qualifying divers from three county pools — Forest Hill, North St. John's and West Howard. The competition was robust and the divers were up to the task garnering one first-place finish — Christopher Reese (WH) — and four second-place efforts, Haley Kampert (NSJ), Mark Bruner (FH), Stephanie Castner (WH), Nick Lucchesi (NSJ).

These results along with bronze campaigns by Jeff Bruner (FH), Cooper Watts (NSJ) and Jake Daigle (WH) gave Howard County eight divers in the top three spots.

Howard County results:

8-UG: 2. Haley Kampert, NSJ; 5. Grace Meissner, WH.

8-UB: 4. Michael Conran, FH; 5. Ethan Buswell, NS; HM: Will Eisentraut, NSJ; Benjamin Kelly, NSJ, and Matt Wills, FH.

9-10G: 4. Julia Manning, NSJ; HM: Amanda Federline, FH; Madeline Cassity, WH; Mallory Conroy, NSJ, and Kelsey Crane, FH.

9-10B: 3. Jeff Bruner, FH; 5. Garrett Snyder, NSJ; 6. Neal Fyock, NSJ; HM: Bryce Kampert, NSJ.

11-12G: HM: Peyton Fuller, NSJ; Payton Vaxmonsky, NSJ; Haley Crane, FH, and Amy Bruner, FH.

11-12B: 1. Christopher Reese, WH; 2. Mark Bruner, FH; 3. Cooper Watts, NSJ; 4. Anders Nilsson, NSJ; 6. Philip Drohat, FH; HM: David Hogan, FH.

13-14G: 4. Grace Daigle, WH; 5. Grace Kelly, NSJ; HM: Evan Folsom, WH, and Courtney Drude, FH.

13-14B: 6. Nathan Bruns, WH; HM: Sam Moore, WH; Brian Kennedy, NSJ; Sean Holcomb, NSJ, and Chris Canipe, FH.

15-18G: 2. Stephanie Castner, WH.

15-18B: 2. Nick Lucchesi, NSJ; 3. Jake Daigle, WH; 5. Alex Stewart, FH; HM: Shaffer Bond, NSJ and Matthew Kohler, NSJ.

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