Grouping ourselves along racial lines a step backward

After reading last week's Columbia Flier, I was concerned with the seeming trend toward churches, summer camps, political parties, etc. that are composed of mostly one racial group. Whether such groups are predominately black, Asian or white, the point is the same. Such division doesn't speak well of us.

I've been very proud to live in a community that was designed to be racially and economically mixed. The diversity here is something to be truly proud of and is a prime factor in all that has made Columbia what it is today. Sharing space at the interfaith centers was an idea, too, that was ahead of its time.

I posted a story on Columbia's vision and history at . I would like to believe that much of what I said here about Columbia is still true, but I wonder sometimes if we aren't going backwards.

Zarrin Caldwell

Owen Brown

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