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Buses without air conditioning pose serious health risks

Since riding the Howard Transit buses for quite some time, I have noticed that once the summer months come around, the buses start breaking down. Although it is a common occurrence during the summer, I do not think that the county's bus company is doing a good job keeping up with maintenance. If Howard Transit can afford to buy new buses, I would think they would have the money to keep these vehicles maintained.

The main noticeable problem is the lack of air conditioning. During code orange or code red days, senior citizens and other residents with cardiac or breathing conditions are put in danger of their health. However, if you factor in the excessively hot environment on buses with no air conditioning, it puts them at twice the risk for a serious medical emergency. 

Just recently, I was on two buses with no air conditioning. At one point, several ladies became concerned when they took notice that I might pass out from heat exhaustion. Because of no A/C on a code red day, I was put at a serious health risk because of a breathing condition.

So the question is, "What is it going to take for Howard Transit to keep up with bus maintenance? When somebody passes out from heat exhaustion on the bus?" They really need to keep these buses in good repair before a bus driver is faced with a major medical emergency of a passenger.

Easter Kim

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