Howard Magazine editor: Why my stomach was growling while I edited this issue

When I read this month’s story about four of Howard County’s top culinary talents (who also happen to be women), I couldn’t help but be inspired ... and a little hungry.

These women work hard at what they do and — despite hours on their feet or in the field or performing hand-cramping detail work — they do it with flair, an eye toward innovation and fine-tasting results. To find out what it really takes to run a Community Supported Agriculture farm, manage the menu and kitchen at one of the county’s elite restaurants or build edible art from all things sugary, check out “Women of Good Taste” on page 42.

What fascinated me most, perhaps, is that these women are mostly self-taught by trial and error, or learned on the job. It gives me a tad of encouragement in my own kitchen adventures and foibles. I love to cook and bake, but speed is not my forte. It took me nearly half a day of fussing and fidgeting to ice my nephew’s choo-choo train birthday cake. I’m more of a follow-the-recipe kind of gal.

Continuing our theme of good eats, you can read about Howard County’s growing selection of Korean restaurants and bakeries on page 35.

I have a soft spot in my heart for the delicious marinated Korean tofu my college roommate Soo used to bring from home. But going to a Korean barbecue restaurant was a new experience for me. (Lucky for me, my friend Jaymi offered to guide me through the meal and explain all those little dishes that populated our tabletop.)

The magazine staff hypothesized that there are plenty more people who’d be fans of Korean food if it were more familiar to them. We did our best to encapsulate our experiences at four Ellicott City restaurants. There are plenty of restaurants and dishes we didn’t try, but we hope to offer you a primer and help demystify this delectable cuisine.

Hopefully you’ll take the time to tell us your favorite dining spots in the county by voting in our Best of Dining poll (see ballot on page 33). We’ll publish the results in October.

When my mind wasn’t on food these past few weeks, it was on love and marriage. Our bridal issue will return in June, and we’d like to hear from readers who fell in love on the job — and continue to work for the same Howard County company or organization as their spouse. If you know a couple that fits the bill, drop me a line by April 11.

Jennifer Broadwater

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