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Prediction Friday: Who makes the 2011 World Series? Who wins?

We've come to a Prediction Friday without a Ravens' game.

I know, some of you are rejoicing. But I'm a traditionalist – at least with traditions I like. I'm not when the traditions are ridiculous. (Although I have to say I support some ridiculous traditions, too. I'm just too 'Balmer' not to quietly enjoy the screamed 'O' in the Star-Spangled Banner. I know, many think it is classless and disrespectful. I don't do it, but it still amuses me.)


So we're asking for predictions again this Friday and we'll get to that in a moment. But let's dust off last week's prognostications about the Ravens-Jets.

Me, Myself and You had the Ravens beating the Jets, 33-16. The final score was 34-17, Ravens. So that was one heck of a call. But I am only giving out one open bar tab this week to You (or to Me or to Myself), only one. It is a down economy you know. Even fake bars have to be financially smart.


I'll be sending several drink chips over to Gil, one of our cranky and lovable regulars who had the Ravens winning 34-14. Real close, Gil. But don't light that cigar here.

Other honorable mentions: Chris, Dennis, Aubeck, Bmore B, Jeff O, dspedden and Keith among others.

Without football, we'll go to a Connolly staple this week.

We have yet to do our World Series picks, but we're not too far down the road yet.

I expect the Detroit Tigers to beat the Texas Rangers and get to the World Series. And I think they will then lose to the Philadelphia Phillies in six games.

So Phillies are my champs, beating the Brewers on their way to the World Series.

Why not the Rangers to repeat in the AL?

Because I am a traditionalist, remember. Last year, I picked against the Rangers in each round until they lost to the San Francisco Giants in the World Series and I finally got it right. I am doing it again.


Daily Think Special: Prediction Friday: Who are your World Series teams? Who wins? In how many games?