By now you've seen so many replays of the Jim Harbaugh-Jim Schwartz dust-up you want to scream.

I don't blame you. But the post-game incident after the 49ers' thrilling 25-19 win over the previously unbeaten Lions is especially revealing for the insight it gives into the personalities of the two coaches.

This we can say without fear: both coaches are wound tight. Very tight. Very, very tight. And both were guilty to some extent in letting their emotions get the best of them after a tight, hard-fought game.


Harbaugh, the brother of Ravens' coach John Harbaugh, was way too amped up when he ran to midfield for the traditional post-game handshake with Schwartz.

He gave him a hard slap handshake, coupled with a way-too-enthusiastic clap on the back, and then turned to jog away.

It wasn't a classy, nice-game, look-the-other-coach-in-the-eye handshake, that's for sure. But Schwartz's reaction was way over-the-top, too.

Way, way over-the-top.

Sure, Harbaugh was a little too exuberant. On the sidelines in the waning seconds of the game, he was practically vibrating with anxiety and excitement as the 49ers tried to hold off the desperate come-back effort of the Lions.

After the final play, as he ran to shake Schwartz's hand, Harbaugh was so adrenalized he tried to lift up his sweatshirt at one point to chest-bump one of his players.

But Schwartz, the Baltimore guy who's every bit as intense as anyone else in the NFL coaching fraternity, has looked equally wired after games.

And instead of going off like a lunatic after Harbaugh, he should have played the adult and chalked up the post-game meeting to the histrionics of an overly-enthusiastic rookie NFL coach.

To his credit, once he saw Schwartz charging him like a angry Rottweiler, Harbaugh tried to hustle off the field before the incident escalated.

And in his post-game remarks, he was apologetic about how revved up he'd been with his handshake.

But none of the post-game drama needed to occur. Schwartz should have just walked away after the handshake. Or if he wanted to address it at all, he should have done it later, privately and man-to-man with Harbaugh.

Again, Schwartz should have played the adult.

Instead, both coaches came off looking like a couple of petulant brats. And that's the last thing the NFL needs: more brats.

Getty Images / Oct. 16, 2011