UPDATE: Facebook app bricking iPhones -- Facebook apparently working on a fix

For the latest update, see below.



It happened to me this morning: I downloaded the new Facebook app update for the iPhone and minutes later, my iPhone 4 fell into a dark coma.

I reset it several times (hitting the power and home buttons at the same time), then plugged it into my computer and iTunes. Twenty minutes later, it was back to normal. I deleted the Facebook app and reloaded it a few minutes ago.


It wouldn't download to my phone.

This appears to be a common problem, if you look at Twitter and search for "Facebook iPhone brick." Or just search for "Facebook iPhone." How common? Don't know yet. But it's clear Facebook has some type of quality control issue with the app.

On Apple's discussion forums, people have been talking about an apparent bug in the Facebook iPhone app. Check out: "Did the Facebook app update kill my phone?"

Did the Facebook update brick your iPhone? What are you doing about it?

UPDATE: At about 2:30 pm today, a Facebook spokesperson emailed me the following statement:

"We test all products vigorously before we launch them. However, as with all new technology products, occasionally unexpected bugs will surface once people start using products on a mass scale. We are committed to providing the best user experience possible, and are listening to and following up on feedback."

In a followup email, I asked when an update that fixes the problem will be released, this person replied: "Will come back to you on this."

So, I guess we wait.