Apple iPhone 5 -- aka "iMaggeddon" -- tomorrow?

The next version or generation of the iPhone is expected to be announced tomorrow at Apple's headquarters, and it will likely go on sale in the next few weeks.

The likelihood that you'll be able to buy one before Christmas? Zilch.


Okay, maybe I'm being over-dramatic, but ... remember trying to get hold of an iPad, an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4? It wasn't THAT easy. You had to hustle and think ahead. And you usually had to have the stamina and patience to -- gasp! -- wait in a long line.

A survey last month projected unprecedented demand for the new iPhone. [CIO covered the survey here.]


So what is the tech media saying about "iPhone 5", aka "iMaggedon"?

Take a look:

* PCWorld's looks at the theories of what to expect.

* throws water on the iPhone "5" rumor and says we're really only getting a souped-up iPhone 4.

* This WSJ piece talks about what many others have speculated -- the newest iPhone will have enhanced voice and speech recognition abilities.