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Verlander (24 wins) vs. Guthrie (17 losses): What happens tonight?

Prediction Saturday has a terrible ring to it.

But I want you to look into your crystal ball for the second consecutive day.


Tonight at Comerica Park, Detroit's Justin Verlander is trying to become the first pitcher to win 25 games in a season since Oakland's Bob Welch won 27 in 1990.

Meanwhile, Orioles right-hander Jeremy Guthrie is trying to avoid his personal worst 18th loss.


Right now, Verlander is leading the majors in wins and Guthrie is leading it in losses. And they face off tonight in Detroit.

I'm sure my colleague, Peter Schmuck, is going to dust off his patented "reverse lock" bet here. I'm wondering if you think the obvious is going to happen or if the Orioles and Guthrie will rally tonight against the odds. Or do they both get no decisions?

Here's a strange tidbit: If Guthrie picks up his 18th defeat, he's guaranteed to lead the AL in losses for the second time in three seasons. In fact, it will be the fifth time in six years that an Oriole has led the league in losses: Guthrie (2011, 2009), Kevin Millwood (2010), Daniel Cabrera (2007) and Rodrigo Lopez (2006).

So who broke the streak?

Yep, Verlander, who lost 17 for the Tigers in 2008.

Daily Think Special: Verlander vs. Guthrie: What happens?