Morning briefing: Today's lineup, and about last night

Let's start with today's lineups:



Angle CF

Andino SS


Markakis DH

Reynolds 1B

Reimold RF

Davis 3B

Adams 2B

Hudson LF

Tatum C

Britton LHP


Nunez SS

Martin C

Swisher RF

Rodriguez 3B

Jones LF

Montero DH

Laird 1B

Golson CF

Pena 2B

Burnett RHP

Last night:

Now that some of the smoke has cleared after the midnight marathon at Yankee Stadium, we can take a look back at that controversial home run by Francisco Cervelli that was reviewed and confirmed by the umpiring crew in the seventh inning.

We weren't the only ones to make a Jeffrey Maier comparison. The good people at ESPN replayed that infamous Derek Jeter home run during the highlights of last night's 5-3 Yankees victory.

Manager Buck Showalter argued the call before and after the video review, and he still is wondering today what angles the umpires got to see that you didn't see on the television feed. The only replays that the Orioles and the masses got to see were from a home plate perspective, which made it difficult to judge. Still, it looked like the fan reached over the fence to contact the ball

Left fielder Matt Angle was slightly out of position when he leapt for the ball, and said today that he couldn't really tell whether it would have cleared the fence or not. Center fielder Adam Jones, who probably had the best angle on the ball, would not express an opinion on whether it would have cleared the wall, but he was sure of one thing. The fan reached into the field of play to interfere with it.

"I don't know if it would have gone out, but I do know the rules,'' Jones said. "That should have been called a double. The same thing happened in Florida (on the controversial interference call that went against Hunter Pence and the Phillies on Sunday). That should have been called a double, too, but they called it an out. No way you could assume that ball would have been caught."

Remembering 9/11

The Yankees are scheduled to hold a pregame ceremony honoring the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada took part in a news conference Wednesday morning to talk about their recollections of 9/11 and the aftermath in New York.

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