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Bynes understands the business aspect of NFL

Rookie linebacker Josh Bynes made quite an impression in the Ravens’ 21-7 victory over the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday night, recording five tackles and two sacks.

Still, Bynes, an undrafted free agent wading in a competition with as many as four other linebackers, said he understands that his performance may not have been enough to earn him a spot on the team’s 53-man roster.

“You’ve got to think of it from a business perspective,” he said. “Yes, I had a good game, but I’m very comfortable in myself and what I can do out on the football field, but it’s all up to the team and how they see fit, what they need, and stuff like that. That’s the business part of this game. Even if a coach loves you and wants you to be on the team, not everyone can be on the team. I’m pretty sure a coach doesn’t even want to cut all the guys on his team, but that’s just what he has to do. It’s just a business and that’s what they have to do. But I really want to be here, I really want to be a Raven, that’s the main goal and main focus. It’s kind of hard being an undrafted free agent. You have to think about if you’re not here, what’s going to happen next? That’s the thing you’ve got to think about.”Coach John Harbaugh said Bynes put forth a variety of reasons to remain with the club.

“Yeah, Josh made a case for himself,” Harbaugh said. “He played very well. We have been impressed with him all through camp. He hasn’t had as many opportunities in games, but then last night he showed up.”

Bynes played sporadically in the first three preseason games. So he was happy to get extensive playing time against Atlanta.

“Yeah, I thought I got enough time in this last preseason game against the Falcons to show that I can still play the game of football,” he said. “I played linebacker just like I did in college and then take it to another level and play with great intensity. Of course, going into the NFL, there’s a lot of things coming at you, but at the end of the day, it’s football, and you’ve just got to go out there and play full speed. I’m confident in what I can do on the football field. After that, the only thing I can do is put it on film, put it on the field and let everything take care of itself.”

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