Let's start by saying this question is hypothetical.

And since this bar is fake, I figure I can get away with it.


Let me reiterate that this has not been discussed by either side, as far as we know. Let's also say it doesn't seem like a perfect fit because the Chicago White Sox have a young second baseman in Gordon Beckham (though he could play third) and a young third baseman in Brent Morel. (Of course, they'd still love to have a true leadoff guy.)

And the Orioles have two swing-and-miss sluggers locked up at least through 2012 in Mark Reynolds and Chris Davis, so it's probably redundant now. (Of course, the Orioles would love to have an established left-handed slugger.)

But let's have a true bar argument today -- about something that almost certainly won't happen (hey, and for those of you who just want to rip and can't do hypothetical, go grab a stool elsewhere).

If you are the Orioles, would you trade Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn straight up?

Think about it for a second.

Dunn, 31, has been terrible this year -- probably the biggest disappointment in baseball. But he has been on the field, playing in 98 games.

Roberts, 33, has played in just 39 because of a concussion this season after only 59 last year. That's 98 in two seasons.

You'd probably have to accept the other's lofty contract, so that might be a factor in your thinking.

After this season, Roberts has two years and $20 million left on his deal. Dunn has three years and $44 million remaining on his.

The Orioles would have loved to have Dunn in the past. The Chicago White Sox have inquired about Roberts' availability previously.

So maybe it's not completely far-fetched.

Personally, I'd do it. Because I think Dunn is a lot better than he has shown (and boy was he terrible Wednesday night with three strikeouts and a groundout). Then again, one White Sox observer I asked said he would do it if he were in charge of that team.

Given Roberts' age and the way his body has broken down, I just wonder what he's got left. As good of a player as he has been, he's a huge question mark moving forward.

So is Dunn for different reasons.


What would you do?

Daily Think Special: Would you trade Brian Roberts for Adam Dunn?