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Tigers pitcher Alburquerque struck in the head during batting practice (UPDATED)

There was a pretty scary moment at Camden Yards this afternoon when Tigers reliever Al Alburquerque, who was playing catch in shallow left field while the Orioles took batting practice, was struck in the side of the head with a line drive off the bat of Robert Andino.

It appeared that Alburquerque never saw the ball before it hit him, and he went down hard, writhing in considerable pain. His legs flailed in several directions as teammates rushed to his side.


Alburquerque was eventually assisted to his feet and taken off the field on a cart. He has since been taken to the University of Maryland Hospital to undergo a CT Scan. Early reports were that he was responding well to treatment.

(UPDATED): Alburquerque was diagnosed with a concussion. He'll stay at the hospital overnight for observation.


The incident brought batting practice to a standstill as both team's medical staff's rushed out to left field. Players from both teams also went out there to check on the Tigers reliever.

Andino, who is starting at second base tonight for the Orioles, admitted that he didn't even want to hit any more after seeing what happened.

"I hit it and I saw where it was going and he wasn't looking," Andino said. "I tried to yell, but it was too late."

Andino called it one of the scariest moment on a baseball field that he's ever witnessed.

"On a baseball field, somebody gets hit in the head, that's always going to scare you," Andino said. "I'm thinking about it a lot. You never want to see a guy get hit in a head."