Ricky Williams to Ravens a stunner, in a good way

At the very least, the Ravens just made themselves a more interesting team by agreeing to a deal with running back Ricky Williams. And if the former Heisman Trophy winner and world-class enigma can regain the form he showed with the Miami Dolphins two years ago (rushing for 1,121 yards and 11 touchdowns), he'll make the Ravens a better team, too.

Me, I love the signing.


If he has anything left in the gas tank at age 34 -- remember, this is a guy with 11 years in the NFL, playing a position where the average career is about three years -- he'll give the Ravens another rushing threat now that Willis McGahee is gone.

As for his off-the-field issues, they seem to be a thing of the past for Williams, who used to refer to himself sardonically as "the poster boy of marijuana."


He tested positive for marijuana in 2004 and retired, then returned to the Dolphins in 2005 to rush for 743 yards and six touchdowns.

But in 2006, he was suspended again when the NFL announced he had violated its drug policy for the fourth time.

Williams then embarked on what he called an "on-going spiritual journey" that took him all over the globe as he studied yoga, acupuncture and holistic medicine in India, Fiji and Australia, among other places.

After that, however, he vowed to concentrate on football.

Now he's a Raven. An eclectic Raven at that. I can't wait to see if he chats up his new teammates about his interests in Bob Marley, Hindu philosophy, Greek mythology and astrology.

Maybe he'll start by talking about his affinity for Prometheus with Terrell Suggs.

T-Sizzle should be up for that, right?