Orioles Sunday lineup and pregame notes

The forecast for today's game suggests we could be in for a long, miserable day. It's currently pouring in Camden Yards as I type this, and around game time, the weather report says the chance of rain will be around 80 percent for pretty much the rest of the day. If for some reason the game gets called, it appears the Orioles and Tigers have a mutual off day down the road -- Sept. 8 -- so it seems possible if they can't get this one in, the game would get bumped to that day.

No surprises in today's lineup for the Orioles. Matt Wieters is getting the day off, a the move manager Buck Showalter had regularly employed this season when a day game follows a night game. Craig Tatum will start in his place.


Reimold -- LF

Hardy -- SS


Markakis -- RF

Jones -- CF

Guererro -- DH

Reynolds -- 3B

C. Davis -- 1B

Tatum -- C

Andino -- 2B

Jake Arrieta showed up briefly in the Orioles clubhouse with his arm in a sling, and seemed upbeat about his recent elbow surgery to remove bone spurs. He even had the bone spur in a tiny jar and was showing it off a bit to his teammates and the media. The spur, which was so big it had to be removed in four parts, was about as big as a gumball. It's no wonder Arrieta was having issues.


"I was nervous just because I've never had surgery before," Arrieta said. "It's not necessarily something I was real happy to have done, but I knew that if I wanted to continue to play this game as long as I plan on playing it, it was something I had to have done. It was restricting me to the point where I literally couldn't throw without being in a lot of pain."

Showalter said Brian Matusz hasn't officially rejoined the team just yet, mostly because he had to go back to Norfolk to collect some of his things, but he'll be traveling with the team tonight and is still slated to pitch Tuesday.

Zach Britton said he had a good bullpen session on Saturday and feels 100 percent healthy and ready to go. He'll pitch in Norfolk on Tuesday, Showalter said, and then hopefully get back to the big leagues and get seven or eight starts the rest of the year.

Nick Markakis has a streak of 177 consecutive series with a hit on the line tonight, which is by far the longest streak in the majors.