Does Bolt's bragging-to-success strategy work for you?

Let's talk about self-assurance.

Usain Bolt certainly does.

The famous Jamaican sprinter is not shy about his plans for the IAAF championships, which begin Saturday in Daegu, South Korea. From an interview this week with the Associated Press:


Among other strategies, communications coach Peggy Klaus advocates in her book, Brag, for the creation of what she calls "brag nuggets" -- quick, selected pieces of information that are actually of interest to the desired audience.

While Klaus has some interesting ideas, most of her tips seem to focus on the past-tense end of things. She advocates for telling stories about what already happened, and I honestly believe that's a good approach.

Bolt appears to be a bit different, publicly setting a mark for himself -- beating Tyson Gay, for instance -- and then pushing to pass it.

I've always been fairly private about my goals, but even for a relative introvert like me, talking to a close friend or coach about a desired race time or placement often seems to help.

What's your strategy?

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