Collared today: Roux

NAME: Roux, after the Johnny Depp character in the movie "Chocolate"

OWNER: Sharonlee and Bob Vogel


AGE: 3 years old

HOME: Columbia


BREED: GoldenDoodle

HOW THEY MET: His would-be parents went to "just look" at GoldenDoodles after their Westie died. Mom kept saying "we're only here to look" — but guess who was sitting just waiting for her? She walked in and immediately said "HIM" despite efforts by Dad to consider other puppies, Mom just said again and again "HIM." It took one look, our eyes met and the rest is history, she says. Later, the breeder said he is the only dog that has never looked back; he just jumped into the car and went home.

BEST TRICK: He smiles! He winks too. And he'll sit in a chair, like a person, arms on the table.

FAVORITE ACTIVITY: Making noises like farm animals — cows, horses, pigs — sounding very authentic.


FUNNIEST MOMENT: He doesn't like tulips in flower arrangements. He's been caught UP on the table, grabbing and tossing tulips from a bouquet up in the air — only the tulips. His first two years, he also liked to eat reading glasses and shoes.

A DO-GOOD DOG: He's shy, so his mother helped him found "Friends of" Pets on Wheels to support the Howard County branch of the program with a grant.

IF ROUX HAD A MOTTO FOR LIFE, IT WOULD BE: "Do I have to stick out my paw to hitch a ride to the dog park?" OR "I rule this house, in spite of what Mom and Dad think!"



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