A look at the undrafted rookies linked to the Ravens (*-means confirmed commitment):

Tim Barnes, C, Missouri

Pro: Durable and smart. Con: Doesn't play with strength.


*Ryan Bartholomew, C-G, Syracuse

Pro: Excellent weight-room worker who is smart and competitive. Con: Measured at 6-1, he was shortest lineman at NFL combine. CONFIRMED: Will sign with Ravens.

Damien Berry, RB, Miami

Pro: Has potential to become special teams standout. Con: Instincts are still developing as running back.

*Justin Boren, G, Ohio State

Pro: Scrappy competitor who mauls defensive linemen. Has good upside. Con: Blocking technique has been described as "ultra stiff." CONFIRMED: Will sign with Ravens.

Rod Bradley, WR, Hawaii

Pro: Speed receiver who can stretch the field. Con: Scored one touchdown last season and one season removed from broken leg.

Josh Bynes, ILB, Auburn

Pro: Has non-stop motor and shows vocal leadership. Con: Slow to perimeter and doesn't work well in space.

Bryan Hall, DT, Arkansas State

Pro: Three-year starter is undersized but explosive. Con: His size allows him to get controlled at point of attack.

Terron Sanders, NT, Florida

Pro: Started in highly competitive SEC. Con: Never seemed to stay healthy.

*Walter Sanders, RB, St. Augustine

Pro: Is being mentored by Ray Rice. Con: Mervo graduate has to prove he can play beyond Division II college football. CONFIRMED: Will sign with Ravens.

Mana Silva, SS, Hawaii

Pro: Ranked second in the nation last season with eight interceptions. Con: Former quarterback-wide receiver has played two years on defense.

Chris Walker, DE, Tennessee:

Pro: Pass rusher could develop into 3-4 OLB. Con: Undersized and can have trouble getting off blocks.

*LaQuan Williams, WR, Maryland

Pro: Poly graduate and special teams captain blocked two punts last season. Con: Career as a receiver has been limited. CONFIRMED: Will sign with Ravens.

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