Are you rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates?

One of the best stories in baseball is happening a few hours to our west.

Despite a loss on Wednesday, the Pittsburgh Pirates (51-45) are in the thick of the National League Central pennant race. They're in a fistfight for first place. They're trading blows with the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals and are attempting to hold off the Cincinnati Reds, teams that were supposed to be in the mix in late July.


Everyone loves an underdog, so you have to be pulling for the Pirates, right?

Well, maybe everywhere else but here. Things get a little complicated here.


The Pirates have the longest active consecutive losing streak in the history of the four major North American sports at 18 straight seasons and counting.

But if the Pirates go .500 or better this year, the biggest loser baseball crown will be turned over the Orioles, who have had 13-straight losing seasons and counting.

So Orioles fans would have to deal with that indignity. Then there's the fact that the Pirates play in Pittsburgh. And Pirates fans are, theoretically, Steelers fans as well. And I know most of you that hang out in this bar don't want joy, of any kind, to rest on the shoulders of Steelers fans.

Then there's the faction of you that still can't stand the Pirates because of the 1971/1979 World Series. (I am a professional. I have moved on, but I still can't hear Sister Sledge without wincing just a tiny bit).

So here's what I am wondering: Are you pulling for the Pittsburgh Pirates' Cinderella story? Are you glad that at least one of baseball's tortured franchises is experiencing hope? Or is that impossible for you because of where this Cinderella grew up? Or the fact that she may wear the glass slipper that Baltimore wants to put on its toes? Maybe that hurts even more.

Daily Think Special: Are you rooting for the Pittsburgh Pirates?