The loss for now of offseason training days and mini-camps is damaging to rookies who need to make an early impression with the Ravens. But all is not lost to the lockout. Thanks to veterans like Ray Rice and Joe Flacco, the Ravens' rookies have at least been able to familiarize themselves with Cam Cameron's offense.

"It's pretty thick, I'm not going to lie," wide receiver and fourth-round pick Tandon Doss said last week after an indoctrination workout with assorted veterans and other rookies. "But I'm looking forward to learning some of it, and I can't wait to get rolling."


Doss declined to identify which player or players gave him his playbook. Quarterback Tyrod Taylor said he got his, more than three weeks ago, from fellow rookie Torrey Smith.

But a playbook without coaching instruction or video is just a book of plays.

"It's getting natural to me," Taylor said. "Of course, you want to be able to watch film, going over the playbook, but you can't do that right now."

Taylor, a sixth-round choice out of Virginia Tech, said he essentially had the same plays in Blacksburg, Va.

"Virginia Tech's playbook was very good. It's just different terminology," Taylor said. "It's a lot of the same things, just different terminology, different ways to call things."

Anthony Allen, a running back from Georgia Tech's option offense and a seventh-round pick, said he hadn't gotten a playbook in time for last week's workout.

Waiting out the lockout as a rookie means getting in shape for something you've never experienced. That's why last week's three days of work was informative, at least, for the new guys.

"I'm going to keep working, stay in shape, and get ready for whenever this lockout's over with," Allen said.