Over at my buddy Matt Vensel's terrific blog, Baltimore Sports Blitz, they're wrestling with this question today: should the Ravens try to sign Plaxico Burress?

I don't know the answer to that one. But I know this: the Ravens should definitely take a long look at the former New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver. Because lots of other NFL teams will, now that he's been released from the slammer after serving 20 months on gun charges.


And the way the Ravens offense struggled last season, anyone who can help them go downfield and stretch defenses is someone they should consider. They'll try out your grandma is she can get separation downfield.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh is already on record as saying the team would consider Burress -- and why shouldn't they?

He's 6-foot-5 and 232 pounds -- at least he's was before all that starchy prison chow -- the prototypical big, strong receiver the Ravens lack right now.

Just four years ago, he caught 70 passes for 1025 yards and 12 touchdowns. The year before, he caught 63 passes for 988 yards and 10 TD's. And the year before that, he caught 76 passes for 1214 yards and 7 TD's.

Burress' agent, Drew Rosenhaus told the New York Daily News there are "multiple teams interested in signing him." But apparently the Giants aren't one of them.

Which may have been why, when Burress was released from the Oneida Correctional Facility in upstate New York this morning, he was wearing a Phillies cap.

NFL tea-leaf readers say this could be a signal that Burress is interested in signing with the Philadelphia Eagles. Or it could just be that it was the first cap he stuck on his head as he left his jail cell.

Who knows what kind of a player Burress is after nearly two years in the joint? And maybe you have to question the intelligence of a guy who accidentally shoots himself when the gun he's carrying falls out of the  waistband of his sweats and discharges.

But the Ravens are OK with giving players with sketchy pasts a second chance, as we know from their signing of troubled WR Donte Stallworth last year.

One thing's for sure: if he has anything left, the 33-year-old Burress will be playing in the NFL this season -- if ANYONE'S playing in the NFL this season.