Meet Mr. & Miss June -- Jessica and Kristian

b and HeidnSeek Entertainment have joined forces to introduce singles of the month. Meet Mr. and Miss June.

Lives: Fells Point
Hometown: Lived everywhere, from nowhere. I'm an Army brat.
Education: Towson/UB MBA program, Towson undergrad
Occupation: General manager of the Horse You Came In On; entrepreneur, 26.2 Consulting
Interests: Travel, N.Y. sports teams, working out, public speaking, eating out
Best personal traits: Ambitious, outgoing and funny (at least I think so)
Worst personal traits: Workaholic, stubborn, easily distracted
Turn-ons: An athletic, confident, independent, ambitious, social woman with legs and a sense of humor
Turnoffs: Smoking, disorganization, jealousy, too much makeup, neediness
Last movie you saw: "Hangover 2"
Celebrity crush: Eva Mendes. I have a man-crush on Will Smith.
Ideal date: Start at Mezze or Kali's Court, grab drinks at The Waterfront, get gelato from Pitango and walk the pier. 
Best Baltimore date spot: Pazo or Kali's Court
Find me: At HeidnSeek's Baltimore Business Networking Monthlies


Lives: Columbia
Hometown: Columbia
Education: St. Mary's Honors College of Maryland and University of Maryland, University College
Occupation: Proposal and project manager
Interests: Horseback riding, rugby, skiing, Ravens football, anthropology, dancing, cooking, cheese and wine
Best personal traits: Silly, adventurous, intelligent
Worst personal traits: Late, impatient, competitive
Turn-ons: The gentleness of strength and the strength of gentleness; intelligence; strength of character and athletic ability
Turnoffs: Smoking, negativity, laziness and lack of athletic ability
Last movie you saw: "The Mechanic"
Celebrity crush: Jason Statham; Gerard Butler before he became popular
Ideal date: A dinner cruise with lots of time for exploring the ship, discussing the day over wine and then dancing
Best Baltimore date spot: Fells Point — you can pick whatever you're in the mood for.
Find me: At HeidnSeek's Rock & Soul Music Showcases at Meli

Morning person or night owl: Both. I work till 4 a.m. on the weekends but wake up around 7 during the week to play basketball.
Beer, liquor or wine: Liquor all the way, Capt. and ginger.
Talker or listener: Talker, but I know when to listen.
Cooking in or dining out: I love dining out and blog about it, but I can cook with the best of them.
GOP, Democrat or independent: Independent
Leno, Letterman or Coco: Zack Galifianakis, "Between Two Ferns"


Morning person or night owl: Night owl, but I force myself to be a morning person for work. Ugh.
Live to work or work to live: Work to live :-)
Beer, liquor or wine: Rum, tequila, whiskey and wine
Talker or listener: BOTH!
Cooking in or dining out: I like to cook but have to go out and get glam
GOP, Democrat or independent: Dem — social responsibility, protecting the environment
Leno, Letterman or Coco: Coco but only Chanel ... I rarely watch TV.

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Photos by Brian Krista, b

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