Hulk Hogan told TMZ that he plans to file a lawsuit against The Ultimate Warrior in response to a scathing online video posted by Warrior in which he accuses Hogan of drug use and having an open marriage with first wife Linda, among other things.

In the seven-minute clip – which is a preview of Warrior's 55-minute shoot video on Hogan that is scheduled to be released on June 17 – Warrior says that Hogan is a cocaine user and a "dopehead."


Warrior also claims that when Hogan was married to Linda, "The Hulkster" was agreeable to her having sex with other wrestlers, and that Hogan offered her up to Warrior, who turned him down.

In an interview with TMZ, Hogan denied the allegations of drug use as well as Warrior's claims about Linda.

Warrior refers to Hogan as a "malicious, backstabbing operator" and a "liar, fraud and phony" in the video. He also criticizes Hogan for saying in an interview that the late Randy Savage was paranoid about his first wife Elizabeth, and Warrior blames Hogan and Linda for contributing to the breakup of Savage and Elizabeth's marriage.

Here's my take:

Except for the claim that the Hogans had an open marriage (which, true or not, really isn't anyone's business), nothing Warrior said about Hogan hasn't been said before by others in the wrestling business, including the allegation of cocaine use. That doesn't necessarily mean any of it is true, but Warrior isn't exactly breaking new ground here.

As for Hogan being a "backstabber" and a "phony," well, I don't think that's exactly a revelation to anyone who has followed Hogan's career closely over the years.

The bottom line, however, is that anything that comes out of Warrior's mouth has to be taken with a grain of salt because of all the outrageous things he has said over the years. Even if everything he said about Hogan turns out to be true, Warrior is the wrong messenger to deliver that message.

This is clearly a feud with no babyface, as both of these guys have serious issues.