Women feel judged, lack confidence in a bikini

What problem do women have in that bikini? Other women.

A new poll from Fitness magazine shows 80 percent of women polled during a swimsuit survey said they think other women are judging them.

About 48 percent wouldn't even get into a bikini until they'd lost 20 pounds or more.


More than 1,000 women were polled for the June issue out May 17.

"The survey results shed light on the complicated relationship women have with their bodies and how much time is spent worrying about what other women think," said Betty Wong, editor-in-chief of Fitness, in a statement. "It is so important to make sure women are empowered to embrace their imperfections and celebrate their bodies-no matter what shape or size."


Of course, all those pictures of skinny celebrities in their swimsuits doesn't help. The poll showed that women want their bodies -- 37 percent wanted Jennifer Aniston's body specifically. (Though a couple of curvier women made that list, too, including Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce.)

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Also from the poll:

+The toughest critic on the beach? 89 percent said other women.

+Feeling less in shape compared to other women? 60 percent said so.

+Feeling envious and insecure in the presence of a women with a perfect body? 53 percent said yes.

+How hard is it to find the perfect swimsuit? 65 percent said it was harder than finding perfect jeans.

+Confident in your bikini? 11 percent said yes "as is."


+What would you give up to have a model's body? 43 percent said Facebook.

+What would it take for you to appear on TV or in a magazine in a swimsuit? 61 percent said $100,000.

+What if you could meet Justin Timberlake but had to wear a swimsuit in public? 36 percent said they'd say no.

You agree with these results? Think these are healthy thoughts?

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