What wrestling figures are saying on Twitter about Randy ¿Macho Man¿ Savage

Here is a sampling of what people in the wrestling industry are saying on Twitter about Randy "Macho Man" Savage, who died in a car accident earlier today:

Hulk Hogan: I'm completely devastated, after over 10 years of not talking with Randy, we've finally started to talk and communicate. He had so much life in his eyes & in his spirit, I just pray that he's happy and in a better place and we miss him. ... I feel horrible about the ten years of having no communication. This was a tough one.


The Rock: RIP Randy "Macho Man" Savage - you were one of my childhood inspirations and heros. Strength, love and prayers to the Savage/Poffo family.

Steve Austin: Just heard about Macho Man Randy Savage...unmatched intensity in the ring. A hellacious performer and terrific promo. A real bad ass. RIPJohn Cena: CeNation. The untimely passing of randy savage is indeed tragic. All true fans of wrestling will mourn this loss. One of the all time greats


Mick Foley: I just heard the sad news about the Macho Man. Randy Savage was one of my favorites performers, and my heart goes out to his loved ones.

Bret Hart: I have no words to say. This one hits me hard. We lost one of the best."

Shawn Michaels: We've lost one of the greats!! Our prayers go out to the family & friends of Randy Savage.

Chris Jericho: Randy Savage was a true influence and inspiration to me and taught me some very important lessons,in and out of the ring. Rest in peace Mach

Jeff Jarrett: Just got a call w the news. RIP Randy. I met him when I was 11yrs old. He would always teach, correct, encourage, and compliment as my career progressed. I have NEVER forgotten the intricacies and attention to detail he taught me over the years. Randy always had a method to his madness. Randy is gone, but will never be forgotten. Thoughts and prayers are w the entire Poffo family.

Diamond Dallas Page: Randy Savage gone WoW! Randy made DDP and I will always be indebted to him and I want to honor him

more to come

Eric Bischoff: Very sad to hear the news about Randy Savage. Randy was as passionate about the wrestling business, as intense of a performer and as honest of a person as anyone I have had the privilage of working with. He will be missed. Randy loved his family deeply and my thoughts and prayers are with them.


Kevin Nash: I lost a close friend today. If anybody in heaven is wondering who the cat in the ugly cowboy hat is it's Randy. Love you Bro. Never another

The Miz: Can't believe Macho Man is gone. As a kid my friends and would have contests to see who does a better Macho Man promo. 1 of the best. RIP

Christian: Sad 2 hear about "Macho Man"Randy Savage..Only met him once briefly.No doubt 1 of the best & influenced so many performers you see today RIP

Howard Finkel: I am profoundly saddened by the passing of one of the all-time greats, Macho Man Randy Savage. My condolences go out to the Poffo family.

William Regal: Just heard of the passing of Randy Savage.A one of a kind great performer.RIP.

Bill DeMott: When I got my start in WCW it was Randy that gave me the prayers and thoughts to the Poffo Family


Ricardo Rodriguez: Thoughts go to Randy Savage's family. Definitely an amazing talent and a great inspiration to many. Can never forget Savage Vs Steamboat

Ezekiel Jackson: Whoa....just heard about macho man Randy savage...God bless the family, the wrestling world just lost one of the greatest ever...R.I.P

Daniels: RIP Randy Savage, an inspiration who set the standard! As a fan, watching Randy in Wrestlemania 3,4 and 5 was incredible!

Stacy Keibler: Wow, so sad about Randy Savage. I'll definitely put a few $$ on @MuchoMachoMan tomorrow in his honor when I am @PreaknessStakes. RIP Randy!

D'Angelo Dinero: Today the WORLD mourns the loss of a True Icon, a Real Legend, & a Hero. Savage was already "missed," but now he'll be missed forever

The Honky Tonk Man: Macho Man was one of the all time greats and will be greatly missed... A very sad day for wrestling


Wade Barrett: Bow to the kingdom of the madness. RIP Macho Man, amazing performer.

Kharma: In utter shock about Macho Man. So much charisma in one soul.

SoCal Val: Saying a prayer 4 Randy Savage & his loved ones. I had the honor of working for his promotion, he was inspirational 2 us all! What a loss.

Zack Ryder: RIP MACHO MAN. One of my favorites and one of the best of all time. DIG IT!

The Bella Twins: Very sad to hear about Macho Man... His family is in our thoughts & prayers... Truly an amazin' & captivatin' man!

Shad Gaspard: Today we lost a legend in Randy "Macho Man" Savage, thank you for your help, I know you are in a better place brother.


JTG: To one of my favorite Hall of Famers, inducted or not. Macho Man Randy Savage. R.I.P OOOOOOOOOH YEEEEEEEAH !

Shane Helms: Totally heartbreaking news about Randy Savage. One of my all-time favs!! So sad!! RIP Macho

ODB: Macho Man was the reason I got into the wrestling world, glad I was able to tell him that when I got to meet him,U will be missed oh yeah

Beth Phoenix: No words for this very sad day. Condolences to Randy Savage's family, friends and millions of fans

Jay Lethal: You inspired me more than this world will ever know. Enjoy.

You were a tower of power that was too sweet to be sour,


You were funky like a monkey every minute of every hour.

For you, space was the place and time distortion had to be,

And your fans here on earth wanted the madness for eternity.

You met every challenge with fists clinched and face to face,

You even fought and defeats dragons and snakes.

Flying off the ropes with an elbow drop,


There was no way you could ever be stopped.

Identifiable by your voice alone,

Even being Dubbed the macho king while you sat on your throne.

We hung on your words with interviews memorable and classic,

And we knew it was serious when you took off your glasses.

I promise not to lose you in the sands of time,


For you will always be that all time hero of mine.