The Orioles staged a two-run turnaround in the bottom of the 13th inning to end their four-game losing streak and take the first game of the three-game set against the Seattle Mariners -- a victory made more important by the fact that overpowering Mariners ace Felix Hernandez will be taking the mound for the M's on Wednesday night.

The game went back and forth and it looked like the breaks were turning toward the Mariners as a series of soft hits helped them come from behind in the ninth and also take the lead in the top of the 13th.


"It's kind of apropos,'' Showalter said. "It seemed like our guys made some good pitches and they found a way to get them in there. I thought Kevin (Gregg) threw well. Just didn't get what he deserved. Jake (Arrieta) gave us a chance. I thought J.J. (Jim Johnson) was good. We had a lot of opportunities. We just couldn't cash them in. It was tough. But I was glad to see them get a result from what they put into it tonight. You have a bunch of LOBs, you can look at both sides of it. You're getting them out there. Welcome back, J.J. (Hardy) I'll probably give him a couple days off now. And we get to do it again tomorrow."

Hardy went 4 for 5 with a walk in his first game back after spending the past month on the disabled list with a strained oblique.

"He had a great game,'' Buck said. "It's kind of a reminder that he was our shortstop and what we've been missing for a long period of time. He was great. He had a great game. I will go back and, being the text master that I am, I'll fire off a text to Gary Allenson and Bobby Dickerson that they were right. He was ready."

There were also some kind words for Felix Pie, who came into the game late but impacted the outcome in a number of ways.

"He plays a role in a lot of our games when he doesn't start,'' Showalter said. "He made a great play earlier, moving on a ball, and I've been so proud of Felix's attitude through all this because he's been a great teammate and he keeps working hard every day. To see him get a result for it is gratifying for all of us."

It was a big win, but Showalter wasn't ready to talk about the Orioles picking up some momentum after a tough stretch, not with Hernandez lurking.

"You're as good, in a lot of cases, as your starting pitcher,'' he said. "I really don't think Felix Hernandez really cares a whole lot about what one game might means, and hopefully Chris Tillman feels the same way. But obviously, we hope to get as deep as we can tomorrow with our starter because we used up a lot of bullets in the bullpen to get a W, and that's why it would have been frustrating to have to use that many people and not win. We'll see. Momentum can be fleeting when you're playing at this level, but we'll see."

Showalter did not rule out a roster move before tonight's game, since the Orioles had sent out a pitcher to open a roster spot for Hardy and used almost everyone in the bullpen.

"It's something we looked at,'' he said. "Obviously, Berken's available, and Clay. We were looking at the number of innings we could potentially pitch out of the 'pen. We'll see."

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