Give me your lineup for Tuesday's game

The Orioles face the Seattle Mariners tonight, hoping to reverse their fortune and get in a winning groove again.

They have a mighty tall task, facing impressive 6-foot-7 rookie right-hander Michael Pineda, who throws in the high-90s with a biting slider.


The Orioles will have shortstop J.J. Hardy back on Tuesday. And given the way the Orioles offense has struggled recently, it's possible that there will be some lineup changes in store.

I'm not sure they will be sweeping changes, but maybe some tweaks.

This is your time to tell me how you'd structure the lineup to get the Orioles out of their funk. We'll go one game at a time, as the baseball cliché goes.

So what's your revamped lineup for Tuesday? Remember, there is a hard-throwing righty on the mound that no one on this team has faced in the majors.

Here's mine:

Roberts 4, Andino 5, Markakis 9, Guerrero DH, Scott 3, Jones 8, Wieters 2, Pie 7, Hardy 6.

Basically, I've sat both Reynolds and Lee. The Lee thing is temporary, to get Scott's and Pie's LH bats in the lineup. Normally, I wouldn't sacrifice Lee's defense, but this is a one-time tinker. As for Reynolds, he deserves more than a month trial, but I want to manufacture some runs against Pineda and I'm removing his strikeout potential (and homer potential) for a day.

Daily Think Special: Give me your lineup for Tuesday night.