This is going to be the recaplet version of the results show, just so you know, since I didn't get to start watching it until very late.

We get a duet between Scotty and James, in which James gets to show off his attempts at country stylings. They sound pretty decent harmonizing, too.


Next, Haley and Lauren go country, too, with their own duet, Miranda Lambert's "Gunpowder and Lead." If Lauren was worried about singing about being evil yesterday, she didn't seem to mind singing about shooting somebody this time. I guess she got over it.

Results: The first person to make it in the Top 3 is Lauren Alaina.

Lady Gaga hits the stage to sing "You and I," as if to prove that yes, that song Haley sang is real. But wait, it's really just the Top 4 watching a video of her singing the song. OK?

Then Enrique Iglesias, but I just read a spoiler, so I'm going into fast-forward mode to get us to the results.

The next musical interlude is Jordin Sparks with her song "I Am Woman." Incidentally, she is singing about wearing stilettos while wearing platforms. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Steven Tyler has a new video, so since we don't have many results to draw out, we get to see the video instead.

More results: Haley Reinhart is also safe, leaving Scotty and James to wait it out. After the break, Ryan draws it out and finally lets them know that Scotty McCreery is in the Top 3 and James Durbin is out.

What do you think about this result? I'm kind of surprised, but all four have been so good and so consistent ... it had to be somebody.