Random notes as another college basketball season ends:

--Anybody watch Maryland verbal commit Justin Anderson of Montrose Christian in the ESPN Rise National High School Invitational? He hit a game-tying 3-pointer to send the Oak Hill game into double-overtime. Feel free to post your own "scouting report" if you've seen Anderson play. Montrose Christian won that game, by the way.


My colleague, Matt Bracken, posted interesting comments on Anderson last month from Montrose Christian coach Stu Vetter, who previously coached Greivis Vasquez. Here they are in case you missed them:

Vetter: "It's very similar to when we were dealing with Greivis Vasquez. Maryland was going through a little difficult time, didn't have a lot of energy on the floor. I remember talking to Coach Williams, talking about what Greivis would bring to the team – not just on talent, but with energy. [Anderson] brings such energy to the floor that's infectious to other players."

--Many of you have looked at the decision Jordan Williams is facing on whether to keep his name in the NBA draft.

To me, the issue shouldn't simply be where he might be drafted. It's whether he has the opportunity to better his draft position, thus maximizing his earnings, by waiting another year. It seems akin to selling a stock; it's all about the timing.

Ultimately, it's a personal decision. There may be things in his life we don't know about that will push him in one direction or another.

A wild card, of course, is the threat of an NBA lockout next season. And then he must weigh the benefit -- in terms of maturity and growth -- that another year in college provides.

Here are some comments on Williams sent to me by Aran Smith, President of NBADraft.net. See if you agree.

Smith: "He is rolling the dice to leave his name in, as not every scout we speak with projects him in the first round. He would benefit from (another) year at Maryland, but he appears to be prepared to attempt the jump to the next level. Williams impressed this year with his offensive development and dominant interior play. He shows a solid shooting form and developing post skills. He also shows the dedication to improve as seen in his body transformation between his (freshman and sophomore) seasons. He still needs to continue to trim down and tone his body and improve his cardio. Dropping an additional 10-15 pounds would make him lighter on his feet and give him better mobility defensively. He also should be shooting at a much higher rate from the line considering his solid form."

--How about the Butler Bulldogs? I covered their two early-round games at Verizon Center and came away with the impression that nobody works harder, especially on the boards. They're the hardest-working band in show business.

--I'm delighted to report that Jack Rolle, 12, grandson of Terps broadcaster Johnny Holliday, is celebrating one year of being cancer-free following a two-year battle with brain cancer. Rolle will be the honoree at the Friends of V Baltimore Golf Classic on May 9 at Hayfields Country Club in Hunt Valley. Lots of Terps-connected folks will be there.