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PEEPS: They call me mallow yellow

The PEEPSTER Car will be in Baltimore tomorrow, April 13 Thursday, April 14. Look for it! The PEEPSTER Car's visit to Baltimore is part of the Random Acts of Sweetness tour. The PEEPSTER Car will be sampling its new Easter PEEPS® and celebrating the new PEEPS® online store.


Meanwhile, The annual PEEPshow continues at the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster through Sunday. Admission is free. PEEPshow is sponsored by a bank, a dentist (?) and PEEPS®


Amanda loves PEEPS®!!

Take it away Amanda!

When the challenge came up in my cubicle suite to create desserts out of Easter candy, I immediately accepted...and took the easy way out with PEEPS® Krispie Treats.


It's really just subbing in one marshmallow substance for another so it seemed like a no-brainer. Yeah, it's pretty obvious, but when I started floating the idea around, it became apparent that it's not as commonly done as one would think.
Recipe: Follow the directions on the side of the Rice Krispies®, but instead of the suggested 40 regular sized marshmallows, I used 10 yellow bunny-shaped PEEPS® and 30 regular marshmallows.
Verdict: Judging from the end result, you could probably go all-PEEPS® and it wouldn't make much of a difference. I'm not sure if you could call this a success or a PEEPS®-fail because the finished product looked and tasted just like a normal, year-round Rice Krispies Treats®. If nothing else, it's a good use for your leftover PEEPS®.

photo by Amanda Krotki

Once I started with the ®s I couldn't stop - RG