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Old Baltimore restaurants, a query

I said in my story about the closing of Werner's that Downtown is now left without a single restaurant that opened before the original Charles Center revitalization, the first phase of what became known as the Baltimore Renaissance. I'm putting that date at 1962, the construction of One Charles Center.

I said that no such place remained downtown but added, in a dodge, "no place with the pedigree of Werner's."

But did I miss something? I can't think of any other place Downtown.


That's my real question, but, please, remind me of other non-Downtown institutions, too.

The Prime Rib (1965) and Tio Pepe (1968) opened later. 


And yes, outside of downtown, there are places like Jimmy's in Fells Point and Attman's on Corned Beef Row in the city and institutions like the Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie and the Candlelight Inn in Catonsville.

But what is Downtown's oldest continuing operating restaurant (or eatery)? in Baltimore City? these parts?

I'm really looking for places that have been operating in the same location and that haven't had radical shifts in concept or extensive renovations. You get the idea. I guess someone could make a case for Faidley's.

I just realized that I've been completely forgetting about the Owl Bar. Why is that the Owl Bar keeps flickering off my radar?  What makes me want to say it doesn't count? Anyway, it's not really Downtown.

We've been down the old-restaurant road before on Dining@Large