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Living like Jay-Z -- as out of your price range as you'd expect

There's a lot to admire about Jay-Z: rapping prowess, Beyoncé-marrying ability, excellent taste in designer sunglasses.

However, we're a little on the fence about his new lifestyle website, Life + Times, which launched Tuesday at It offers nice information on music, style, food and technology. Lovely photos, too!
But some of the endorsements are, um, how should we say this — ridiculously out of most people's price range/general range of interest. A look: JORDAN BARTEL, B

•••• Want a place to sit? Jay-Z's staff of writers suggest Amsterdam-based conceptual design group Droog. You actually have to "request a price" for a child's chair. And a birdhouse costs $100.

•••• Want a new look? The staff loves French fashion blogger Garance Doré, whose go-to item of clothing is something called "Repetto ballerinas." We think that's a shoe. There's also a profile of Christophe Coppens who "adds nuance to the role of the traditional milliner."

•••• Want a new car? Why not the Rolls-Royce Ghost, which the staff says can be "summed up in one word ... without question: presence." Oh, and it starts at $245,000.

•••• Want to tell time? How about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak at $3,200?

Again, we love you, Jay-Z. But maybe offer some suggestions for us commoners?

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