Houshmandzadeh big on Baltimore now

T.J. Houshmandzadeh struggled accepting a complimentary role with the Ravens last year, but the veteran wide receiver told Sirius NFL Radio hosts Adam Schein and rich Gannon on Tuesday that he'd like to come back to Baltimore next season.

Here is the transcript from Houshmandzadeh's radio interview:


Schein: "TJ, is it your goal to re-sign with the Baltimore Ravens? Is that your top priority?"

Houshmandzadeh: "Yeah. You know what's funny, Adam? I really, really, really enjoyed my time there. You will never hear me say anything bad about the Baltimore Ravens. It was an unbelievable experience for me. Obviously things didn't go the way I would have liked. But from top to bottom, unbelievable, man, the way they treat you, the way they run things, it is unbelievable. The things you hear about it, about the Baltimore Ravens organization, is true. I couldn't believe the way they treated me and just the way they treat everybody there. It's an unbelievable experience."


Gannon: "Let me ask you what's going on with your quarterback, Joe Flacco. It seems like he was not happy with what happened with Jim Zorn. I get the sense there's of a little bit of tension there between he and your offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron. What's your take on it, TJ?"

Houshmandzadeh: "I just think Joe felt, one, that Zorn shouldn't have been blamed for much at all. If anything I should have taken the blame for a lot of the things that happened, you know. I think he felt he had a great relationship with Coach Zorn and he hated to see him go. As far as his relationship with Cam, you know, I think they get along. Joe will be going into his fourth year. I'm sure he wants more responsibility. I'm sure they're going to give him more responsibility, you know, let him kind of take control of the offense, let him do certain things that he sees fit. Hopefully I can be back there to help this team get to where they're trying to go or we were trying to go because, one, it's a great team and, two, like I said, you can't say it enough, the way they treat you. Harbaugh, unbelievable coach, man, one of my favorite coaches that I've played for and you would never think that. Going in I didn't think that and it was just a great experience for myself."

Schein: "How close are the Baltimore Ravens to winning a Super Bowl?"

Houshmandzadeh: "Real close. If we make a play here or a play there, get one bounce here or there last year, one catch here or there, meaning myself, things can be different. If I catch the ball there's no guarantee that we're gonna go down and score. It just gives us an opportunity to continue that drive. But great team. It's the environment there why they're always successful. And you can watch on TV and hear you guys talk and you say, 'Well this team can't win.' Until you're on the team you never realize what you guys are talking about, until you're on a team like that, an organization, you don't realize what it's like and you see why they're always good."

Gannon: "You didn't sign with Baltimore until September of last year. I got the sense that I think you were frustrated at times with your role in the offense. What is the ideal situation for a guy like you with your experience in the league? I don't get the sense that you ever want to be a third down receiver or a role player. You still have a lot of skills, you've still got the legs. What is the ideal situation for you, to be a starter or to be in a situation where you can contribute?"

Houshmandzadeh: "You know what? My ideal situation – and this is the honest truth – is just let me compete. If I'm not good enough to start, if I'm not good enough to be on the field, I'm fine with that. I'm honestly fine with that. Just say okay, the best guys will play because it's been like that my whole career. The only reason I'm in the NFL or I've played as long as I've played was because one time in Cincinnati they said, 'Okay, enough with who's drafted where, enough with who's making what, the best guy will play.' And as long as there is competition and it's a fair competition it doesn't matter to me because as an athlete you know if somebody is better than you. As a receiver I know if a guy is better than me. I might not want to admit it but you know that. So that's all I'm looking for. Wherever I go I'm going to help out guys on the team, whether they're younger or older, it doesn't matter because a lot of guys helped me out along the way. And so I just want to be in a situation where I can have fun, contribute and compete, that's it."