On Friday, we gave you some Orioles info/predictions from a productive dinner I had with columnist Pete Schmuck and O's beat writer Jeff Zrebiec.

It was productive because we made a series of prognostications, not because Schmuck picked up the tab (I wrote productive, not unprecedented).


Here is what we came up with for the 2011 baseball season. We'd like to see your predictions as well.

AL East winner: Red Sox (Jeff); Red Sox (Dan); Red Sox (Pete)


AL Central winner: Tigers (Jeff); White Sox (Dan); White Sox (Pete)

AL West winner: Rangers (Jeff); A's (Dan); Angels (Pete)

AL Wild Card: Yankees (Jeff); Yankees (Dan); Twins (Pete)

AL Champion: Red Sox (Jeff); White Sox (Dan); White Sox (Pete)

NL East winner: Phillies (Jeff); Phillies (Dan); Phillies (Pete)

NL Central winner: Cardinals (Jeff); Brewers (Dan); Brewers (Pete)

NL West winner: Dodgers (Jeff); Giants (Dan); Dodgers (Pete)

NL Wild Card: Braves (Jeff); Marlins (Dan); Reds (Pete)

NL Champion: Phillies (Jeff); Phillies (Dan); Phillies (Pete)

World Series champion: Red Sox (Jeff); White Sox (Dan); Phillies (Pete)

AL Manager: Leyland (Jeff); Francona (Dan); Maddon (Pete)

NL Manager: Mattingly (Jeff); Rodriguez (Dan); Roenicke (Pete)


AL Rookie: Hellickson (Jeff); Morel (Dan); Britton (Pete)

NL Rookie: Freeman (Jeff); Kimbrel (Dan); Belt (Pete)

AL MVP: Cano (Jeff); Ad. Gonzalez (Dan); Quentin (Pete)

NL MVP: Pujols (Jeff); Han. Ramirez (Dan); Fielder (Pete)

AL Cy Young: Verlander (Jeff); Lester (Dan); Price (Pete)

NL Cy Young: Carpenter (Jeff); Oswalt (Dan); Kershaw (Pete)

AL Comeback Player: Man. Ramirez (Jeff); Bedard (Dan); Ellsbury (Pete)

NL Comeback Player: P Chris Young (Jeff); Chip. Jones (Dan); Berkman (Pete)

First manager fired: Geren (Jeff); Riggleman (Dan); Quade (Pete)

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