Brooks receives flood of get-well wishes

As he continues his recovery from infection at Greater Baltimore Medical Center, where he was admitted March 30, Brooks Robinson has received an avalanche of get-well wishes from baseball fans around the country. More than 350 people have emailed the Orioles' 73-year-old Hall of Famer, the hospital said today, and every message has been shared with Robinson himself.

Here are a few:

"At a time when heroes are hard to find, I'm proud to say you've been mine for about 40 years."

"I first saw you when I was in elementary school, many decades ago. I learned arithmetic by calculating all of your impressive stats. And even now, at the age of 59 and still playing in an adult hardball league, I proudly wear #5."

"I am a 60-year-old professional woman who remains dignified until someone mentions the Orioles – out comes an enthusiastic, sentimental fan! . . . The Orioles personified role models and you led by quiet example. All parents wanted their little boys to grow up to be just like Brooks Robinson."

Robinson, who was fighting fever and infection when he went into the hospital, has not given an update on his condition in recent days. He said he was resting and receiving treatment last Friday.


 -- Mike Klingaman

Sun photo: Lloyd Fox