Here's some reaction after 23-year-old lefty Zach Britton's performance against the Boston Red Sox (one run, five hits in six innings). It was Britton's fourth win in five starts. The rest of the Orioles' pitchers have five wins.

"The numbers speak for themselves," catcher Matt Wieters said. "What is he, 23, 24? He's doing a heck of a job going against some tough talent. And the good thing is the more (experience) he gets up here, the better, I think, he's going to get."


Here's what Orioles manager Buck Showalter said: "So far he's been good. He's handled it pretty well for a guy with limited experience. We like the things he's doing right now."

Showalter, however, said he still needs to do more of the little things to be a complete pitcher, like holding Dustin Pedroia on second base in Tuesday's fourth. Pedroia easily stole third and scored Boston's lone run on a sacrifice fly.

"Pedroia one out, second base, knowing he was going to run there," Showalter said when asked if Britton had any flaws Tuesday. "Had some deep counts. You'd like to see him be able to take that stuff over another inning or so."

Here's Jim Johnson on Britton's composure: "In pressure situations, that's when a hanging curveball or poor execution often come in, but he beared down. It's a little clichéd to say that he stays within himself, but really, one of the hardest things to do in baseball is to take that foot off the gas pedal instead of overdoing it, and overthrowing, and trying to do too much in that situation. He did a great job of it."

Adam Jones on Britton's challenge to continue maturing: "I want to see the progression. He's still young, he still has a ceiling or whatever that saying it is. He has very good stuff and he's been throwing well for us. It's a matter of continuing to make adjustments because other teams are going to continue to make the adjustments against him."

And Jones on Britton's fortitude: "He's got (guts). I said that earlier today. Every time he walks on that mound, he goes out there and gives it his all. That's really all you can ask."

Here is Britton on his outing and what he needs to do: "I thought I kept us in the game, which is big. I still think there's a lot of stuff I need to improve on. Getting in deep counts with that good of a team, I think later in the game they were able to put some good swings on the ball. I was fortunate to get out of some of those jams."

Here's Britton on being the first Orioles rookie to win four games in April: "Obviously, I didn't know that. It's pretty special, obviously. The fact I am here is awesome. I was expecting to be down in Norfolk, but I am just trying to make the best of the opportunity. And I think I have done that so far."

And Britton on not feeling like a rookie: "I really don't get that nervous out there. I don't know what it is. It is not that I have a huge ego or anything. I just don't get nervous out there. I have a lot of confidence that I can get out of the jams and if I am out there getting all worried I think the situations blow up. So I try to take my time and take a couple breaths and get after it."

Lastly, here is Boston manager Terry Francona on the suggestion that Britton was going to be good: "I didn't suggest anything. I was hoping we'd kick his ass. But I can see why they like him."

More from Francona: "He has got velocity really good sink and poise. He was impressive. … He has got that two-seamer with velocity. He stays down. And he is 90-95 (mph), left-handed with movement. That's pretty good right there."