For the first group performance tonight, before we learn who is out on American Idol, Stefano, Jacob, Lauren and Haley sing Train's "Hey Soul Sister." I'm pretty over that song, but you know ... these small-group performances this season have been worlds better than the previous big groups.

After the unnamed product-placement music video, James, Casey and Scotty perform Coldplay's "Viva La Vida."


Abruptly, some results: Casey Abrams is safe (and his mom is cutely and dorkily ecstatic in the audience), while Jacob Lusk is in the bottom three.

After that, David Cook hits the stage to sing his single "Last Goodbye," and I just know Janell wishes she were recapping this episode.

After his performance, he says he's going to be doing the Race for Hope D.C., a 5K raising money for brain cancer research, and he's playing at the Warner Theatre in D.C. April 29.

More results: Stefano Langone is in the bottom three, and Lauren Alaina and James Durbin are safe. Ryan calls Scotty McCreary and Haley Reinhart forward. Scotty is safe, and Haley is in the bottom three. Was that supposed to be a surprise? Scotty has a huge fan base, and Haley has been in the bottom three several times.

Immediately thereafter, Ryan calls Haley back to the middle of the stage and whispers to her that she is safe. OK, that seemed really pointless. I mean, why tell us the bottom three if you are going to tell someone she is safe 20 seconds after telling her she's in jeopardy? That doesn't do much for the dramatic tension.

Before we find out who's going home, Katy Perry comes out to do her best Lady Gaga impression. Hey look, there's Kanye. OK, then.

Final results: Stefano is out, and Jacob is safe.

I don't think that's a big surprise. I think most of us figured he was going to be out a while ago, though he's gotten a little better the past couple of weeks.