17-Day Diet the new weight loss rage

There's a new diet rage that has cropped up just in time for us to slim down in preparation for bathing suit season.

The 17-Day Diet is the idea of Michael Moreno, a hunky family medicine doctor in California.


It's gotten the attention of Dr. Phil and the talk show The Doctors, which have featured segments about the diet on its shows.

The diet seems very similar to the South Beach diet, which restricts carbs and then reintroduces good carbs into the diet.


Moreno's diet has three cycles that last 17 days. The cycles, he says, prevent boredom and triggers calorie confusion which helps burn calories and fat faster.

Cycle 1 is the most restrictive, allowing for 1,200 calories a day and eliminating bad carbs.

Cycle 2 allows for 200 more calories and adds two-servings of healthy carbs

Cycle 3 once again allows for more calories including small snacks and 1 serving of alcohol

Cycle 4 is when you hit your goal weight and are working to maintain it. It allows for some splurging on weekends.

The diet also calls for exercise - 17 minutes a day in cycle 1, ramping up with each cycle.

Here is a more detailed description and review of the diet on WEBMD.

What do you readers think? It seems less restrictive then most diets once you get past cycle 1. And it encourages healthy eating. But would you try it?


What other diets have you found worked for you?

Tell us your thoughts.