What's your biggest Orioles' concern with two weeks remaining before Opening Day?

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

You knew a bar named Connolly's would be open today. Can't make any promises about tomorrow.


We'll make this quick because we have lots of beer to dye – and it won't be the color of orange Kool-Aid.

Tomorrow marks the two-week point before Opening Day, and frankly there are plenty of questions and concerns surrounding these Orioles.


I want to know what has you the most concerned.

My choice is the health of Brian Roberts. Yes, it is a team game, but Roberts makes the offense go and provides stability on defense. If he is out for an extended period, this is a different club. We've all seen that.

Buck Showalter is hopeful Roberts, Derrek Lee and Koji Uehara will be available soon.

Lee hasn't played in a spring game, so there has to be some concern there. Uehara hasn't thrown to a hitter since the exhibition opener and the club's other closer option, Kevin Gregg, has had consecutive rough outings, so maybe you have some new worries about the back-end of the bullpen.

Luke Scott and Mark Reynolds, among others, are struggling.

The young starting pitching hasn't been consistently effective.

Yeah, I know, St. Patrick's Day is supposed to be a happy and fun holiday. So I'll stop giving suggestions.

Daily Think Special: What's your biggest Orioles' concern two weeks before Opening Day?