That puppy sweater costs how much?!?!??!

You know the old saying: If you have to ask how much it is, you can't afford it.

Well, chances are, you can't afford this dog sweater. But I'll tell you how much it is anyway.



I know! Crazy. For that price, I could almost buy two entire Teddy Beans. But, you know, for the dog lover that has it all.....

The sweater is made by a new luxury brand called Pornstar. (How Paris Hilton is that?)

This is how the release I  just got explains the line:

"Pornstar plays on the attraction of opposites as Japanese introverted culture blends with big city eclectic influence. 

Sexuality is connected to spirituality and hedonistic imagery is intersected with class.  This contrast is what sets Pornstar apart and introduces the newest fashion trend for your best friend."

I'm not sure exactly what that means -- and I'm fairly certain there's absolutely nothing sexual about any of the pets I know. But the outfits are cute.

Over to the side here is their take on a T-shirt. With rhinestones and done in an organic cotton (nothing but the best!) it retails for a mere $96.

What do you think? Any budding style-ista pups that will be modeling Pornstar this spring?