Here are the highlights from a chat Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason conducted today on the NFLPA website:

2:08 [Comment From Dan : ]

Hey Derrick, I'm a huge Ravens fan from Charm City ... I'll ask the question on everyone's mind. Do you think there will be a lockout, and if so, what do you plan to do during the possible time off?

2:10 deemason85: I believe there will be a lockout. I’m trying to be optimistic about the situation, but the longer it goes, the less optimistic I become… so I guess now I’m pessimistic. As far as what I would do, I would just continue to work out. I need to prepare like there is an upcoming season – it wouldn’t affect what I do physically. If it goes on through the summer, then it would affect the things I do. But for now, I’m just preparing for what I would normally prepare for in the offseason.

2:11 [Comment From Jon : ]

If there is no NFL season next year, will you return to Baltimore when games resume?

2:12 deemason85: Yes, I will return to Baltimore. I’m still under contract, so whenever they decide to get a deal done, then I guess I’d be on the first plane back to Baltimore. I’m just waiting for that call.

2:12 [Comment From Jason : ]

What is it like being a player rep during this time? How are you keeping your teammates informed?

2:15 deemason85: It’s a little bit difficult right now because I'm not in touch with players on a daily basis like I would be during the season. It’s hard to get in touch because some players are taking trips. If I find out anything new or anything out of the ordinary that is not being reported by the media, then that’s when I send out messages through Twitter, Facebook, text messages and e-mail so that the guys (not just on my team) know about it.

2:15 [Comment From Stan : ]

Would you be able to play 18 regular-season games?

Thursday March 10, 2011 2:15 Stan

2:17 deemason85: Would I? Yeah, I think I’d be able to play 18 games. Would my body be tired? Yes, it would be, but I think that’s when you gotta push yourself and take care of yourself a bit differently knowing that there are two extra games. If they take out two preseason games, then I guess it would work itself out ... but obviously, it's not an ideal situation for us as players.

2:18 [Comment From Casey : ]

Do you ever go to Charm City Cakes?

2:18 deemason85: I’ve heard of it a lot, but I’ve never been. I guess I’ll have to try it!

2:19 [Comment From Adam : ]

What's your greatest memory during your NFL career?

2:20 deemason85: Greatest memory would have to be the Super Bowl ... and my first game starting as a player (against the Giants in 2000, I got a touchdown and about six catches, ended up being a great game for me). We won that game. Those are memories that are always a first.

2:21 [Comment From Jon : ]

Can you explain how and why Domonique Foxworth was selected as such an important player rep?

2:22 deemason85: He’s a part of the Executive Committee and if you want to be a part of the EC, somebody has to nominate you and you have to accept that nomination. I think within a year or two, Fox was voted in. He’s a bright guy and has done a lot of work in DC – he loves the governmental side of being a Player Rep. It’s good to have somebody like him as a part of your representation. He's a very bright young man.

2:23 [Comment From Tory : ]

Did you make fun of Ray Lewis for his Old Spice commercials?

2:25 deemason85: Haha, I think everybody ragged him for being in those commercials. We all made fun of him as a whole – I can’t rat out any one player, haha.

2:25 [Comment From SAbramson : ]

If there is a lockout, do you think you would retire? Do you think Ray would retire?

2:27 deemason85: If the season doesn’t exist, I would have to seriously think hard about it. I’d be 38 years old and to try to come back after missing a year would be difficult mentally. I’m not sure if I would want to continue playing or move on to the next stage of my life.

2:27 [Comment From Steve : ]

Derrick, during this waiting time, where are you training?

2:27 deemason85: I’m in Nashville training. Nashville is where I spend my offseason. My home is here, so this is where I'll be long-term.

2:28 [Comment From Todd : ]

How is the foundation going?

2:29 deemason85: Foundation is going great! We usually do things during the season. We don’t do too many things during the offseason because whatever we do, we want it to be meaningful. We like to do two or three events per year and make them good.

2:29 [Comment From Corrina : ]

Do you think they will agree to another extension? Or will the union decertify tomorrow?

2:32 deemason85: That’s a good question because I thought that a week ago we were entering a lockout, and there was an extension last minute. If we’re close to getting a deal done and we get an extension, that means things are being worked out. Hopefully it doesn’t get to the point where the owners lock us out and we have to decertify. Hope for the best, but expect the worst, you know?

2:32 [Comment From Todd : ]

Do you support a rookie wage scale?

2:34 deemason85: I think there should be, if you look at past history. The rookies that have been drafted sometimes haven’t proven themselves and the veterans that have proven themselves get kind of slighted. I think that as a player, we should give some of that money to the guys who have proven themselves. Maybe following the NBA's system would be a good idea. Quarterbacks are kind of different because it takes a few years for them to develop, but for everyone else, you know within the first year whether that player will be good. I am in favor of some sort of a rookie wage scale.

2:35 [Comment From Cobe : ]

Who was your idol growing up?

2:36 deemason85: As far as football, I enjoyed watching Jerry Rice and looking up to him as far as a guy that played the position that I so much wanted to play when I was younger. But I think the people that I idolized the most were my brothers because they were all older than me. I just tried to do what they were doing - I would just follow right behind them.

2:36 [Comment From Todd : ]

Hey Derrick, if there is a lockout, what are your plans?

2:38 deemason85: If there is a lockout and we can’t play, I’ll be here in Nashville and starting on my second career. I’d dive into broadcasting - I’d like to do a radio talk show and sports television. I've been through the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp, which is a great way to learn about the industry. I also have children so I think they’ll keep me occupied as well.

2:39 [Comment From Jon : ]

Will you be working with Joe Flacco over the offseason (w or w/o a CBA)?

2:39 deemason85: Yes, I will. I think all of us will. We’ll find a time that works for everyone to get together for a weekend or a couple of days out of the week to work together. That’s the only way we’ll stay ahead of the game. When football starts back up, we’ll be able to hit the ground running.

2:39 [Comment From JUan: ]

What's up D, man they should just pay you guys the money that you guys are worth!

2:41 deemason85: Haha! As players and as a union, we haven’t asked for anything more. We did not come to the table demanding more of the share; it was fine the way it was. Let's not forget that players didn't back out of the current CBA. Everyone was profitable, but, you know… some people decided that because the sport is so lucrative, they wanted a little bit more of the pie. But I just don’t think you should mess up a good thing. This is the best sport out there. We gross the most money – why interrupt it?

2:42 [Comment From Dan : ]

What affect would not being able to communicate with the coaches during a lockout have on you and the rest of the Ravens?

2:44 deemason85: I think the one way that it would affect us is not knowing day to day what is going on and what they are thinking as far as gameplans, the upcoming season and where a player fits on the team because that’s what happens during the offseason. Coaches call players and let them know what’s going on. If they’re doing something different, they let the player know. I think that will affect the younger players more than the older players because the younger ones want to know where they fit on the team and how they need to improve as a player.

2:46 deemason85: Fans – thank you for all of your questions. Please be patient with the process of CBA negotiations – we hope there will be football. In the meantime, follow me @deemason85 and the rest of the players on Twitter.

2:46 NFL Players Association: Thank you for joining our Live Chat With Derrick Mason! Be sure to check back at NFLPlayers.com for more live chats with players and former players around the league.

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