Brian Roberts, 2B


Nick Markakis, RF

Derrek Lee, 1B

Vladimir Guerrero, DH

Luke Scott, LF

Adam Jones, CF

Mark Reynolds, 3B

Matt Wieters, C

J.J. Hardy, SS

Chris George, SP

Former University of Maryland standout and Dunkirk native Brett Cecil will start for Toronto.

Brian Matusz, who was nailed in the left arm by an L.J. Hoes liner in a simulated game yesterday, arrived at Ed Smith Stadium and immediately started icing his arm. He won't throw today.

"I feel pretty good about it today," he said. "It's not too swollen. It's a little bit black and blue. It's starting to bruise a little bit. The trainer said, 'It's a little bit warm,' which means there's a chance for a little more inflammation, so they want to keep ice on it all day so we can prevent that. That's pretty much all we can do, just take it day-by-day."

Matusz is expected to start Saturday against the Tampa Bay Rays, the second game of the Orioles' season. He still feels like he'll be able to take the ball, but the Orioles have options if he doesn't. They could opt to have another starter, like Jake Arrieta, pitch that day and move Matusz back to Opening Day in Baltimore on Monday, giving the young lefty a couple of extra days.

"I don't think it's going to be something that's going to push me back too far," Matusz said. "Hopefully today's the one day that I can't throw, but all we can do is take it day by day. Like I said yesterday, you can't predict how it's going to feel."