Baltimore Sun

No Sunday review, no restaurant for the Senator

No restaurant review in the Sunday A&E section. The review did show up online but got squeezed out of the paper edition. I'll hold off talking about it for now.

Instead, I hope you read Sam Sessa's story about the music scene in Austin.

The article suggests a contrast between Austin's (progressive, sensible, grown-up) management of  live music in clubs and restaurants to Baltimore's (crank-driven, bureaucratic, byzantine) style.


Favorite quote:

From Don Pitts, the head of Austin's music office, upon hearing about Baltimore's permit process: "Gosh, I can't imagine that for indoor stuff. That's pretty heavy.... I hope people in Austin don't read the codes in Baltimore.


Also heard from, Rodney Henry, who had music events shut down at his Federal Hill pie store, he says, because of complaints from a single neighbor.

Sam has been posting reports like this one from the South by Southwest Conferences and Festivals on Midnight Sun.

Also, read Michael Sragow's report on a change in plans at the Senator. In - two additional screens, making a total of four. Out - a small plate restaurant. Although, as far as I know, there will still be a Sofi's Crepes. I'll check on it.