'American Idol' results: Top 12 revealed

Tonight on American Idol, we'll learn who the first finalist cut will be.

Ryan announces that more than 30 million votes were cast and adds that there is indeed a judges' save this season -- they will have the chance to use it once before the Top 5, and it must be a unanimous vote.


The Top 13 hit the stage, minus Casey Abrams, who is sick in the hospital. Yikes!

Montage of mansion living. Yeah, I just got my house appraised painfully, so I don't need to see this. It does crack me up that it's such a huge house, but the contestants have to sleep in twin beds.


For the group sing, it's a medley of Michael Jackson. I'm sure the first thing Janell noticed was the return of James' tail. Sigh. They sound pretty good, but like always, it's an Idol group sing. It's cheesy. Not everything has changed in the kinder, gentler Idol.

Then we see the footage of their commercial, oh, I mean "music video." Their voices sound really muted and like they aren't blending that well, which is weird for how canned it is. Then they hit the red carpet for [product placement].

Results: Pia Toscano, Jacob Lusk, Stefano Langone and Karen Rodriguez are the first up. Pia, Stefano and Jacob are safe, Karen is in the bottom three.

Adam Lambert returns to the stage and sings an acoustic version of his song "Aftermath." It's subdued and quite lovely.

More results: Lauren Alaina, Ashthon Jones and Haley Reihart hit the stage. Lauren is clearly upset, and she tells the judges that she watched it back and she was bad, and she's sorry. She's so stressed that Ryan just tells her she is safe, and she cries. Then he drags it out a bit, and tells Ashthon and Haley that they make up the rest of the bottom three and -- fakeout -- everyone on the couch is safe.

Diddy Dirty P Combs Sean Money Puffy Puff Daddy Father Figure is next with his new song and possibly an announcement of his newest name and definitely a way-too-long announcement about his coming tour.

The bottom three (or at least the three left standing for maximum drama) are: Karen Rodriguez, Ashthon Jones and Haley Reinhart. Karen learns she is safe, then Ryan announces that Ashthon got the lowest number of votes. She gets a chance to sing for her life and earn the judges' save (but that's not going to happen in the first week of the finals).

The reprises her Diana Ross song from last night. She cries. She learns she is going home. She cries some more.


What do you think of these results?