'American Idol' results: Who's going on tour?

On tonight's American Idol, we'll learn who is going to end up in the Top 10.

We see that Marc Anthony was their mentor this week, giving them some feedback about how to use the stage and the in-ear mikes and all kinds of stuff. (We also see that he didn't always agree with wife Jennifer Lopez's feedback. Hmm.)


The group sing follows with the Motown theme from last night with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," though there seem to be a few technical issues (Lauren and Casey's part, when they're in the stands, is quite quiet in the middle). Then a door opens, and there's Stevie Wonder! He sings "Signed Sealed Delivered" with the Top 11, and I think it was a bit of surprise for the judges because they look pretty stunned. Love it! Speaking of surprises, Stevie makes Steven Tyler stand up and they start singing "Happy Birthday," presenting him with a painting and a cake.

Ford music video, blah blah, let's get to the results:

Lauren Alaina, Pia Toscano and Scotty McCreary are called forward. Lauren looks like she's going to cry, as usual. Ryan pulls a fast one on them and tells them they all three have to pack their bags ... in a few months to go on the Top 10 tour. Fakeout! So much so that one of them (Lauren, I think) swears on camera. Oops.

Then Sugarland hits the stage (for Motown week?) and sings "Stuck Like Glue," which for a while I thought was called "Stagger Like Blue."

Newsflash: James wants to be a wrestler, and Paul's a fan, too. I suspect it's not going to work out for them as well as it has for The Miz, but hey, I never would have predicted that, either.

More results: James Durbin and Paul MacDonald hit center stage. Ryan tells them that they are not safe tonight ... because surprise! Hulk Hogan is here. He tells them -- good news -- that they are safe and going on tour and -- bad news -- Ryan is not safe. He fake punches him and rips off his shirt.

Then Jacob Lusk, Thia Megia and Stefano Langone are up. Quickly we learn that Jacob is safe. Thia is in the bottom three, and, not-exactly-successful fakeout, so is Stefano.

Lastly, Naima Adedapo, Haley Reinhart and Casey Abrams get to hear their fates. Naima is safe -- and shocked. Casey is in the bottom three, and Haley finally isn't.


Before the bottom three -- Casey, Stefano and Thia, in case you have lost track -- can find out who is actually going home, Jennifer Hudson comes out and sings her new single, "Where You At." She looks fantastic! Is she on a diet or something? (Kidding.) Hey, George Huff is one of her backup singers. Nice gig, George! And great job, J.Hud.

Back to the final three: Right off that bat we learn that Thia is safe. Stefano is safe too, but Casey is in danger. They hug and talk to each other for a while, and again we get some audio cut out.

Casey sings for his life with "I Don't Need No Doctor." Randy puts a stop to it and says nope, they have made a decision and they are keeping him. He freaks out and he can't believe it and he swears a bunch of times (at least one is an OM[Bleep]G) and runs out and hugs his parents. He even runs up to the judges and asks if they are serious and tells them: "It's the Top 11; why would you do this??"

Jennifer Lopez tells him he deserves to be there and he needs to return to being the musician he is.

But next week: Two people are going home, and oh, since there won't be a Top 10, the Top 11 are going on tour.

Casey looks shell-shocked!


What do you think about the results?