Singles: Meet Mr. & Miss February -- Kelli and David

b and HeidnSeek Entertainment have joined forces to introduce singles of the month. Meet Mr. and Miss February.

Lives: Fells Point
Hometown: Anchorage, Alaska
Education: B.S. at University of Alaska Anchorage; B.S.N. at Johns Hopkins University
Occupation: ICU nurse
Interests: Hiking, running, the outdoors, reading
Best personal traits: Open to adventure, sense of humor, honest
Worst personal traits: Always on time, stubborn, I leave the cap off the toothpaste
Turn-ons: Ambition, confidence, ability to make me laugh, hockey fan, someone willing to speak their mind 
Turnoffs: Unwilling to try new things, narcissism, being too well-groomed — I prefer someone rugged who can get a bit dirty
Last movie you saw: "The Puffy Chair"
Celebrity crush: Johnny Depp. And Ryan Reynolds.
Ideal date: I'm still new to Baltimore, so doing something I haven't experienced — like a brewery tour, a Pier 6 concert or finding a great place to hike
Where you'll find me: Max's on Broadway ... several times a week.


Lives: Columbia
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Education: Howard Community College, business administration
Occupation: Operations and finance administrator, Mission Essential Personnel; professional breakdancer
Interests: Dancing, cooking, running, playing guitar
Best personal traits: Hard-working, kind-hearted, trustworthy
Worst personal traits: Impulsive, easily distracted, what was I doing?
Turn-ons: Simple beauty. Sometimes sweats and a T can show you more than something you'd wear for a night out.
Turnoffs: Women with too many tattoos and body piercings. I like women for who they are and not how many accessories they have on their body.
Last movie you saw: "Mean Girls," seriously. It was on TV. I knew this would come back to haunt me.
Celebrity crush: Katy Perry
Ideal date: A spontaneous one. Pick a meeting spot and take it from there.
Where you'll find me: HeidnSeek events: 2nd and 4th Saturdays @ Milan, 4th Fridays @ Get Down, 1st Fridays @ I Lounge, Baltimore Business Networking Monthlys.

Morning person or night owl: Morning … but I can party all night if I want thanks to training with the 24-hour daylight during the Alaskan summers
Live to work or work to live: Work to live
Beer, liquor or wine: This is much too difficult of a choice to make ... wine
Talker or listener: Listener
Cooking in or dining out: Cooking in
Republican, Democrat or independent: A Democrat who doesn’t vote straight party line. And no, I do not like Sarah Palin.
Leno, Letterman or Coco: Chelsea Handler


Morning person or night owl: Night owl
Live to work or work to live: Work to live
Beer, liquor or wine: Liquor
Talker or listener: Depends on the situation
Cooking in or dining out: Little bit of column A, little bit of column B
Republican, Democrat or independent: Obama!
Leno, Letterman or Coco: Not big on TV

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